Machine Gun Kelly and Seth Meyers joke about how he smashed a glass of champagne on his head, but the video is pretty rough


Machine Gunner Kelly is known for doing some pretty bizarre tricks, but his latest adventure was that he broke a glass of champagne on his head. He was too happy to joke about the ordeal with Seth Meyers, but fair warning: the video is pretty rough.

In an interview with “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” Machine Gun Kelly talked about the Madison Square Garden sale and how he celebrated this event, namely, by breaking a glass of champagne on his skull. He said:

Do you know when you clink a fork with a glass of champagne to attract people’s attention? Yes, I didn’t have a fork. So I just clinked it on my head. Yes, so I had a serious case last night.

Without wasting a second, Seth Meyers replied:

In medicine, this is called “asking for it.”

Machine Gunner Kelly laughed it off, but someone filmed it all on film. Take a look below (keep in mind, it’s pretty bloody):

The clip shows MGK proudly declaring, “Bro, I don’t give a shit,” before banging an empty glass on his head. There is a short excerpt in his speech “my ex’s best friend” where you can see a significant cut above his eyebrow and a rather amazing amount of blood for a short film on YouTube. Machine Gunner Kelly ended the video by showing a closer view of the injury, which he simply called “rough.”

His stunt may seem like an overkill, but MGK had plenty of reasons to be happy. He had just played a sold-out show at Madison Square Garden in New York before heading to a party at Catch. The Empire State Building was even illuminated in neon pink to herald the event.

The tour promoted his new album Mainstream Sellout, which lived up to its name. In April, it reached number one on the Billboard 200 album chart with almost equal sales of physical albums and streaming equivalents.

Machine Gun Kelly has also just released his documentary, Life in Pink, which chronicles the ups and downs of fame, being the father of his 12-year-old daughter Casey, and making music during quarantine. Fans will be happy to note that Megan Fox, a social media superstar and MGK bride, is also involved in the film. The actress was known for her non-stop support for her beau, including the frightening moment when she dissuaded him from attempting suicide.

Fortunately, Machine Gun Kelly seems to be on the rise. As long as he stays away from the lessons of breaking champagne, he has plenty of opportunities in life in pink to look forward to.

You can get a closer look behind the scenes of Machine Gunner Kelly’s ascent to the top in his documentary “Life in Pink,” which is now available for streaming on a Hulu subscription. If you’ve already looked behind the scenes, you can watch other upcoming TV shows to find your next obsession on screen.