MacGyver: fans do renewal campaign for season 6


MacGyver: On Thursday (07) of last week, MacGyver fans were surprised by a frustrating news: the series is coming to an end. CBS decided to cancel the series, making the end of season 5, which airs on April 30, the show’s conclusion. The decision sparked a fan campaign to renew the series for season 6.

The campaign to save the MacGyver series

One of the first moves of the fans was the creation of the hashtag #SaveMacGyver, which became a trend on Twitter during the past week. In addition, fans sent CBS 200,000 clips with requests associated with renewing the show.

Another very concrete action that is moving the most faithful nucleus of the series is a petition started on the website, in which people sign a petition using name, surname and e-mail. Created five days ago, the petition seeks to get 10,000 signatures and already has more than 8,000 participants.

The petition is clear: fans want at least one last season to be able to say goodbye to the characters satisfactorily. The description of the initiative highlights how the series promotes diversity and appeals to public affection.

Cancellation decision

The fans, who are trying to save the series, are extremely passionate and maintained a good audience for MacGyver, causing a surprise by the decision to end the series suddenly. However, criticism was divided over the quality of the program.

CBS did not delve into the reasons for the end of the series. CBS President Kelly Kahl just thanked the actors and people involved in the production of the show.

The last episode of MacGyver is scheduled to air on April 30th.


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