MacBook Pro Mini comes true with Raspberry Pi


Apple usually launches compact notebooks, but engineer Michael Pick decided to take this concept even further. In a video published on his YouTube channel, the American shows the creation of the “Macbook Pro Mini”, a functional computer that is the size of a 600 ml pet bottle.

The miniaturized version of the notebook simulates the look of Apple products and can even run games like Minecraft and the Google Chrome browser. The project was made possible thanks to the use of two main components: a Raspberry Pi computer, which takes care of the processing, and a 3D printer, used to give life to the look of the device.

The Raspberry Pi is a computer the size of a credit card and is constantly used in experimental projects. To bring the Macbook Mini to life, Michael Pick had to make some modifications to the device, including sawing certain HDMI and USB ports to ensure a more compact look.

The keyboard and trackpad on the device are also functional. The engineer disassembled a product called the Rii Mini X1 and printed the notebook’s housing to fit the peripheral shape. According to Pick, this was the most complicated part of the process, since it was necessary to sand each keyhole individually.

The design of the Macbook Mini also includes a magnetic charger and the iconic Apple logo on the back, which can be lit with a button on the bottom of the notebook. Michael Pick also used the iRaspbian system to simulate the Cupertino company’s OS.

According to the engineer, the project was one of his most challenging jobs ever. The main difficulty was the small parts involved in the process, which requires an extra level of concentration at the time of assembly.


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