MacBook Pro Can Be Refreshed With A Better Camera


MacBook Pro could be refreshed with a better camera. MacBook Pro is among the Apple products that are expected to be renewed before the end of this year. According to a claim shared on Twitter, Apple’s laptop will get a 1080p resolution camera while being renewed. The company is said to be making a similar move across the entire Mac lineup. This means the MacBook Air will also be refreshed with a better camera.

The new camera claim coincides with the claim that the 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros will be renewed in the third quarter. It is said that the company may introduce its renewed laptops in late September. However, it seems more likely that Apple will stop refreshing its MacBooks until October, after introducing the new iPhone and Apple Watch in September this year.

The most important change in the new MacBook Pros seems to be the use of Apple’s M1 processor instead of Intel in the 16-inch model. The model in question is the only option in Apple’s portfolio that only comes with an Intel processor. In another leak, it was claimed that MacBook Pros will have more inputs compared to existing options.

Apple is often criticized for having too few entries on its laptops. Therefore, the presence of more entries in the new MacBook Pro models could be a remarkable change for the company.


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