MacBook Air May Have Color Variants Similar To iMac


MacBook Air: Inspired by the recent redesign of the iMac, the next MacBook Air may have several color options. The information was recently revealed by leaker Jon Prosser, famous for bringing first-hand news about Apple products.

In a video posted on the Front Page Tech channel, Prosser says that an “enigmatic” source recently saw a prototype of a blue MacBook Air. In addition, she revealed that the notebook can bring the M2 processor.

The leaker explains that the source sent a message with the phrase “colors for the average consumer” next to an image from an old Apple event. Something that suggests that the professional versions will only be available in gray and silver colors.

It is possible to assume that the new MacBook Air will have color options similar to the 24-inch iMac unveiled in April at Spring Loaded. In this case, the computer has a saturated color back panel and a softer tone in the front area.

During the video, Prosser showed conceptual images of the blue notebook prototype. However, the machine has a complete pastel finish.

Transition to Apple Silicon

During WWDC 2020, Apple announced that the transition to the Apple Silicon architecture would take about two years. So far, the new products announced by the brand have been aimed at the consumer in general.

So, the next step should be updates from professional Macs. Therefore, it is expected that the MacBook Air with a new design and M-series processor will hit the market after the debut of the professional line.


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