MacBook Air keyboard surprise: what are the new keys for?


The new Apple laptops release three keys with functions, and eliminate another two from previous versions.

With its third event in 2 months, Apple presented us last Tuesday the devices that were missing in its new catalog. And at Keynote in November 2020 we saw the new MacBook Pro, 13-inch MacBook Air and Mac Mini laptops, all the first of their kind to pack Apple’s new proprietary processor, the Apple M1 chipset. But the surprises do not end there.

Three new keys on the MacBook keyboard

Mark Gurman, a journalist from the Bloomberg medium, has been among the first to realize the novelty that Apple has introduced in the keyboard of its new 13 ” Air: a key reconfiguration in which 3 new function keys have been included and 2 basic keys have been removed.

New keys

– Magnifying glass icon key: activates Spotlight searches

– Moon icon key: activates Do Not Disturb mode

– Microphone icon key: activates the Dictation function

Keys that disappear
– Keyboard brightness key, which is now automatic

– Launch application key, which can be activated from the touch panel.

Powered by the new M1 chip, with a wedge-shaped design, Retina display and Magic keyboard, the MacBook Air comes in a fanless design, which means that the device remains completely silent no matter we are doing tasks that require a lot of processing. . Now available to reserve from 1,129 euros, the new Air will go on sale next week, on November 17.

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