Mac Pro With M1 Chip Up To 40 Cores May Be In Development


Mac Pro: Apple has promised that it will stop using Intel chips in its computers by 2022, and it appears that the company is struggling to build a catalog of more powerful processors than the M1. According to details obtained by Bloomberg, the company plans to launch ARM CPUs with up to 40 cores.

Information from the news agency indicates that the Cupertino maker is preparing a series of Apple Silicon-based chips for next year. The new components will equip the company’s entire product catalog, from the MacBook Air, which already has the M1, to the next generation of the powerful Mac Pro.

Apple’s most powerful solution is said to appear within the Mac Pro, which currently uses components from Intel and AMD. According to speculation, the professional computer will receive versions with chips codenamed “Jade 2C-Die” and “Jade 4C-Die”, which offer up to 40 processing cores and options with 64 or 128 graphics cores.

News for the entire line

While the Mac Pro is supposed to be the showcase for the raw power of the Apple Silicon architecture, the company’s other devices will receive simpler solutions. However, even the modest chips are expected to mark a major evolution compared to the M1.

MacBook Pro notebooks will reportedly receive 10-core processing chips, in addition to a 16 or 32-color GPU. Apple is also expected to increase the amount of RAM on devices up to 64 GB, in addition to bringing more Thunderbolt connection ports and support for multiple monitors and external devices.

Apple may also launch a new version of the Mac Mini bringing improvements to the updated chip, in addition to more ports for connection. Finally, the company will not forget the MacBook Air and will apparently bring a new version of the compact notebook with the successor of the M1.

So far, Apple has not commented on the future of the Apple Silicon architecture, but the company continues to invest in its own chip. This Friday (21), the company launches on the market the new iPad Pro and the iMac line, which bring the M1 inside.


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