Mac Pro: See eight things you can buy for the highest price on your PC

The most recent Mac Pro went on sale in Brazil in February this year, and drew attention for its high price. In the most robust version, the Apple computer was available for almost half a million reais. To reach this number, the product is equipped with a 28-core Intel Xeon processor, four AMD Radeon Pro graphics processors, and 1.5 TB of RAM, in addition to 8 TB of SSD storage.

Recently, with the high dollar, Apple raised some prices, and the PC passed the mark: now, the model appears in the official apple store for values ​​up to R $ 541,598. TechTudo has prepared a list of eight things that can be purchased at this price: from a 0 km Tesla car to speedboats, popular cars or hundreds of PS4 or Xbox One X consoles.

A Tesla car
Model Y is a recent model from Tesla, Elon Musk’s company that offers different electric car options. The vehicle is only available in Brazil through imports, and, according to the Uol portal, the price should reach R $ 450 thousand. In other words: about R $ 100 thousand less in relation to the more robust option of the current Mac Pro. If the investment seems a little risky, since there are not many service stations for electric models in the country, another option involving cars is to buy 15 units of the popular Fiat Mobi 0 km – and there is still some money left.

Up to three trucks
Another option is to invest in trucks. With the R $ 541 thousand that Apple charges for the Mac Pro it is possible to acquire two Ford F4000 in the most expensive option, for R $ 220 thousand each, according to the FIPE table. It is worth remembering that it is possible to find the same models for even lower prices and there is still R $ 100 thousand left to spend from the total value of the top-of-the-line apple computer. In other words, perhaps the money will be enough for up to three trucks – or two and a few more popular cars, if applicable.

From 5 to 10 speedboats
Simpler boats have prices comparable to popular cars, making it possible to assemble a fleet of around ten speedboats ready for sea trips. Those who want bigger engines, more comfort and performance can look for more expensive boats, in the range of R $ 100 thousand. With the price of a Mac Pro, you can buy five of them and set aside a good amount of money for fleet maintenance.

98 units of Galaxy S20 or 107 of iPhone 11 Pro
The Galaxy S20 arrived in Brazil at prices that go from R $ 5,499 for the most basic version of the top of the line. With the R $ 541 thousand for the Mac Pro, it would be possible to buy 98 units of Samsung’s latest cell phone. For those who prefer Apple, the account is similar: it is possible to buy 107 iPhones 11 Pro with the same value, considering the lowest price found by Compare TechTudo, from R $ 5,103.12.

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43 8K TVs
The cheapest 8K smart TV in the country at the moment is the Samsung Q900R 65 inch, which is found in e-commerce for as little as R $ 12,349. With R $ 541 thousand, it is possible to buy 43 devices of this type. That way, you can have an 8K screen in each room of your home and distribute the others to your family and friends. Another option is to mount a wall of very high resolution – which should be a little more complicated.

Three Rolex Daytona
The Rolex watch series has been among some of the most expensive and coveted accessories on the market for decades. Although there are several different versions of the watch, a current Rolex Daytona with white gold finish will not come out for less than R $ 180 thousand when imported into Brazil. With the value of a Mac Pro, it is possible to buy three units of the model – and there is still more than R $ 1,500 left in “change”.

187 Xbox One X, 332 PS4 Slim or 490 Nintendo Switch units
With R $ 541 thousand it is possible to buy 332 units of the PlayStation 4 Slim 1 TB, currently sold for R $ 1,629 in Brazil. For Xbox One fans, the money is enough for 187 units of Xbox One X, the most powerful option on Microsoft’s console, which is on sale for around R $ 2,890 in the Brazilian market. For those who prefer Nintendo, the value of the Mac Pro is equivalent to 490 Nintendo Switch consoles of 32 GB, which appear in national e-commerce for as little as R $ 1,100.

36 notebooks or 100 gaming PCs
Buying a ready-made gamer PC is not as affordable as buying it piece by piece. But, with the R $ 541 thousand, it is possible to buy 100 Pichau PCs with Intel’s ninth generation Core i5 9400F processor and Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 2070 card, capable of running games with Ray Tracing. Another option is to purchase 36 units of the Avell G1750 MUV RTX gamer notebook, model equipped with Core i7 9750H chip, high-speed SSD and RTX 2080 card, in addition to a 17.3-inch Full HD screen.



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