Mac Jones made his opinion about the new attack very clear


Over the past few days, reports of concerns about the New England Patriots attack and Mack Jones’ performance have been getting louder.

With the departure of longtime offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, the Patriots seem to be struggling with their offensive identity. However, Mac Jones doesn’t seem too concerned.

After Tuesday’s practice, the sophomore quarterback was asked if the new offense enjoys a high support factor among Patriots players.

“Yes,” he said. “I think there’s nothing to focus on right now except watching the tape and figuring out what we can do better. You can always assume something.

Here’s another thing he said via NESN:

But you know, I’ve been in different attacks, and a lot of guys in our team have been, and we feel confident. And it just has to be related to repetitions, including in-game ones. We have to see it on film and see what it looks like. A purchase has to be a purchase — you have to trust it. Eventually, we’ll figure it out and make this thing work. We have good coaches who are paving the way for us. And we just need to see it the way they see it, come together and dominate together.”

Jones and the Patriots have a few more weeks to put it all together.

It wouldn’t be surprising if he plays a significant number of preseason snaps to make sure the offense is ready to play in the first week.


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