M1 Mac concept ad campaign from Intel


Intel recently released a test image by comparing the performance with the Apple M1. The company came to the fore with the advertisement published under the name Go PC after the test images.

Intel published an ad with the concept of ‘why we should buy a computer’

Developed by Apple for the Mac family, the Apple M1 processor has been liked by many users. The response from Intel to the Apple M1 processor, which surpassed its competitors in terms of both processor and graphics interface performance, was quick.

Intel, which recently released a processor comparison image, is now targeting the Apple M1 processor Mac family.

The ad, published on the official Twitter account with the title “Go PC”, is directed to a YouTube video highlighting the features offered by Intel processors. Stating that Mac users cannot play Rocket League-like games in the published advertisement, the company underlines that Mac models also do not have a touch screen.

Videos shot by YouTuber Jon Rettinger includes comparisons of Intel Evo laptops and M1 Mac models.

Referring to the processor issue in the video, Rettinger said, “If you are looking for a good laptop in 2021, there are many things to consider, but the processor selection may be more important than you think. ”Used expressions.


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