M1: Apple Was Surprised With Battery Life and Thought It Was a Bug


M1: The battery present in MacBooks Pro with M1 processor exceeded – and far – Apple’s expectations, said Bob Borchers, vice president of worldwide product marketing at the Apple company, in an interview with Tom’s Guide. According to the executive, during the assessments they performed, the company’s teams believed that there was a bug in the capacity indicator.

While in a web browsing test the launch was active for 16 hours and 25 minutes, Intel devices were limited to 10 hours and 21 minutes. The stark difference surprised the professionals.

“We sat down and waited for a few hours, but standard wear and tear didn’t occur. Then we thought, ‘Wow, something’s wrong. The system is in trouble.’ , working as it should.’ That was phenomenal,” detailed Borchers.

Bob also explained that the real achievement is related to performance, which they were able to maintain even when running non-native applications, aimed at Intel processors, through the use of the Rosetta 2 translator. perfect delivery. The transition took place as expected,” he highlighted.

“We love the challenge”

MacBooks M1 Pro not only have advantages, as the devices fall short when it comes to games. As for the topic, Tim Milet, vice president of platform architecture, in the same chat, suggested that big tech is aware of the scenario and wants to meet the needs of gamers, an audience he considers the most demanding of all.

The interest, he says, is common even to the teams responsible for graphics components, as many of Apple’s engineers and engineers are gamers. “It is natural that we look at these aspects, that our teams from different sectors work closely together. We love the challenge,” he concluded.


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