M Pokora wants to democratize live streaming concerts!


Next month, M Pokora has planned a live stream concert! The singer wants to democratize this 2.0 concept in France!

Good news for M Pokora fans! Indeed, not long ago, the artist announced a live stream concert for December 8th!

M Pokora has something to celebrate … Indeed, after the cancellation of his “Pyramid Tour”, the singer decided to organize a live stream concert! A few days ago, the latter explained everything via his social networks!

” The ticketing is open! Meet on inlive-stream.com or ticketmaster.fr to catch your sesame. One ticket per access / screen. You will be able to connect regardless of your country! Come to the meeting and make this evening historic. ”

M Pokora had also added: “Considering the fight of these last months and the growing lack of being able to perform for you, I am announcing the most intense physical and emotional concert of my life. We will give EVERYTHING, we are together. ”


In the columns of Le Figaro, M Pokora gave more information about the live streams he wants to democratize in France! Moreover, the singer took as an example the United States, his adopted country.

“Americans are used to spending $ 40 to watch a boxing match pay per view. There, it’s 25 euros for a big two-hour show (…) These are unique events, big evenings for which you have to pay the salaries of the teams, rent a room, the equipment (…) ”A therefore detailed Mr. Pokora.

“We must do pedagogy”, explained M Pokora. “We must explain to the public that this is not a simple concert recording, it is live at a specific time, we are interacting via a live chat, the images are licked, it is a concert set up especially for the whole world is a very new and exciting experience. ”

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So let’s hope that Matt Pokora’s live stream project will please his many fans confined in France but also abroad.


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