M Pokora very happy with OM’s victory against PSG!


So, Sunday, September 13, 2020, Matt Pokora posted several videos of him watching the match between PSG and OM! Thus, the darling of Christina Milian was quick to rejoice in the victory of Olympique de Marseille (1-0).

Indeed, the latter posted an image of his television with the following caption: “Finally! Amen! “A post from M Pokora who must have agreed with all the Marseillais who follow him on Instagram!


Two days ago, M Pokora posted a photo of him that internet users loved! Indeed, in the shot in question, the artist is wearing an ultra stylish outfit! Indeed, in the image, the singer is wearing gray pants, a white top and a denim jacket!

An outfit of the day that Internet users loved! Indeed, you only have to read the comments to realize it! “So handsome, as always, Matt Pokora is really classy! ”

Or: “Fan of this outfit, I can’t wait to find out what you have in store for us for the start of the M Pokora school year! “Canon the outfit, it’s Christina Milian who is lucky”, “I love it, the photo is really too beautiful”, we can read on the social network of the beautiful blond!

We therefore invite you to admire the shot in question below! Warning the eyes !

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