M Pokora supports Polish player Robert Lewandowski!


A few hours ago, PSG played their first Champions League final. Unfortunately for them, Bayern Munich gained the upper hand and deprived them of a coronation. Something that does not seem to have bothered M Pokora, a big fan of Bavarian forward Robert Lewandowski.

Because yes, the artist was doubly happy at the end of the match. Being a big fan of OM, he hoped that Paris did not win the trophy. Indeed, if this had been the case, the club of the capital would join its rival at the level of the prize list.

But the Marseillais can once again congratulate themselves on being “Forever the first”. Because PSG still haven’t managed to do as well as them. So you understand why M Pokora was a happy man a few hours ago.

If in addition to that, in the winning team, a Polish player is there, the joy is only greater.

Precisely, that was the case. Since M Pokora has just congratulated his Polish counterpart Robert Lewandowski.


Indeed, if you were not aware, the sweetheart of Christina Milian has origins from this country. He always claimed it and it gives us a better understanding of his joy after the Champions League final.

M Pokora therefore decided to congratulate the Bayern striker on his victory. But also for allowing him to go to bed with peace of mind. This one, thus making it known, in broad outline:

” Thank you for everything “. We don’t speak Polish very well but that’s what we can understand from the legend written by the singer. There is no doubt that this post is likely to make a lot of talk.

Considering that M Pokora has already suffered the wrath of PSG fans after making it known that he would not support the capital club.


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