M Pokora: Songwriter Yohann Malory is accused of abuse!


M Pokora’s lyricist Yohann Malory has been accused of sexual assault several times. Complaints have been filed against him!

M Pokora’s lyricist, Yohann Malory in turmoil. Whoever has worked with great artists is accused of sexual assault. Four people have already lodged a complaint according to Le Parisien. It was Lola Le Lann who alerted.

It was on October 6 that Lola Le Lann dropped a bombshell on social media. She gave information about M Pokora’s lyricist Jenifer. Or Louane. And the least that can be said is that it shocked the Internet.

Lola Le Lann swung about M Pokora’s lyricist: “Last Wednesday, shortly after my post announcing the release of my album, I received a message testifying to appalling deeds. And intolerable ”.

She also added: “Accusing one of the authors of my songs. Evidence to support it. And I learned soon after that there were complaints. As well as a crazy number of testimonies against this same person “.


Lola Le Lann then asked: “How do you defend someone’s words. Who is going against our values ​​so much? “. She also explained that she had lodged a complaint against M Pokora’s lyricist, Yohann Malory.

In an interview with the Parisian, the artist’s lawyer, Me Antoine Vey also spoke. She said: “Since the end of 2019, my client has been the victim of slanderous publications. And very scalable. On social networks ”.

The lawyer also added: “Led by a group of people in a concerted manner. And malicious. The process is to accuse someone through the press. Even before he was heard by the courts “.

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She also added of Mr. Pokora’s lyricist: “This is not acceptable. My client disputes the facts. And he has always been present to provide answers to justice ”.


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