M Pokora, self-image player in the NBA 2K game


M Pokora therefore becomes a basketball player! Since the start of his career, the artist has shown several passions. Singing, dancing, of course, but also football and basketball… We know him especially addicted to the NBA 2K20 game.

But this time, the singer has just taken a step! While his season has seen a lot of players like the King, LeBron James, he welcomes a new cador to his team. But not just any!

Yes, a basketball player not very famous… But rather famous for his hits. First name: Matt. Surname: Pokora. At 34, M Pokora has just created his own avatar in a video game …

A passion that makes you smile, but that the singer takes seriously! He therefore creates a player completely in his image. A real success! The same build, the same face, slightly shorter hair …

No doubt, we will also be entitled to Insta videos of M Pokora’s first steps in the NBA! In the meantime, the avatar exists and the singer seems very proud of it. Only one surprise: the name Tota on the back …


Not a big mystery either, as this is just the singer’s last name! So he created a player who suits him perfectly, right down to the tattoos … Very picky, this singer basketball player!

Very good friends with Tony Parker, M Pokora may be lucky enough to have a career as rich as his friend … And if he doesn’t succeed, he can still just enjoy the matches!

Because he quickly abandoned NBA 2K20 to turn to the play-offs. Big fan of the Los Angeles Lakers, he was therefore able to take advantage of his team’s victory against the Houston Rockets.

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We now wait to see the matches of M Pokora in his game … Or to follow the NBA adventures of Matt Tota!


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