M Pokora responds to recent attacks in his own way!


M Pokora sends his detractors waltz! Tackled by Aya Nakamura, he shows that the singer’s attacks do not affect him.

It will therefore take more to disrupt M Pokora! As Aya Nakamura attacks him violently, the singer does not let himself be overwhelmed. He therefore responds in his own way on the networks …

He shouldn’t have expected that… But when he wins an MTV Award ahead of Gims, Slimane and Vitaa, Soprano and Aya Nakamura, the latter rebels. She gets carried away on her Twitter account.

“He won for what sound? Nothing against him, but he’s not even in the Top 10, “Aya Nakamura posted on her account… before deleting the post. But M Pokora saw it pass …

So did a longtime nemesis, Matt Houston. The singer has somewhat disappeared from the radar, but he does not miss the opportunity to laugh … and even to insult. He therefore allows himself a long comment …

According to him, M Pokora “has rarely been in the top”. But his attacks are much more violent. “This man has no classic, just his ugly mustache” … before insulting the singer and his mother. Hard hard…


But the winner of the title of “French artist of the year” does not care, obviously … Still on vacation, he takes the opportunity to play sports. And also to respond to attacks … But in its own way.

Because M Pokora seems very far from all that. He, who wanted to dedicate his title to artists and culture, finds himself embroiled in a clash without knowing why … He therefore decides to play sports and send “good vibes to his karma”.

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It must also be said that he has just celebrated his 16 year career. Neither Aya Nakamura nor Matt Houston can boast about it … So he seems to give up completely in the face of such attacks.

On the other hand, if the two detractors want to try to compete with M Pokora, he offers a cover contest on Si on dit… The opportunity for Aya Nakamura and Matt Houston to show that they are doing better!


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