M Pokora releases t-shirts especially for his concert event!


Since the restrictions put in place to slow the pandemic, M Pokora is doing everything possible to stay in touch with his fans!

Like many artists, Ms. Pokora was very saddened to see her tour canceled due to the covid pandemic. However, the singer does not intend to let himself down.

In order to maintain the link, the singer proposed a challenge to his subscribers, on Instagram. The rules are simple: post a cover of your last title “si on dit”!

“As a reminder, the last winner of one of my challenges ended up in the opening act of my last tour as well as on my album … 😉”, adds M Pokora.

So the announcement had the effect of a bomb! It must be said that this game is likely to pay you big. However, this is not the only surprise that M Pokora offers us, in this time of confinement …


M Pokora has also announced that a live concert will be held on December 8th!

Thus, the star posted a video featuring images of him on stage. In caption, he writes: “Because every great story deserves an end worthy of the name… Because you know that giving up is not part of my vocabulary. So there will be a final performance of #PYRAMIDETOUR! ”.

Then he explains: “You will not be there but we will be at your place!” See you on December 8 on inlive-stream.com live from @laseinemusicale from 8:45 pm to share with us the last minutes before entering the scene. You will have the right to the show in its full format (stage, musicians, dancers, etc.) no “small version”.

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M Pokora has thought of everything, even the smallest details. Indeed, the singer intends to make Pyramid Tour t-shirts available.

To get them, just go to www.inlive-stream.com and @ticketmasterfr. And get the VIP pack. This option also allows you to access the backstage before and after the concert, to enjoy 4 different camera angles, to freely choose the one you want to see to chat live or to vote for your favorite track that your star will play again on the end of the concert …

So what are you waiting for?


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