M Pokora prides itself on covers of his talented fans!


Singer M Pokora continues to fight against health restrictions imposed by the government to deal with Covid-19!

M Pokora is a huge success with his latest album: “Pyramide”. The singer unveiled some great songs and wasted no time in launching his Pyramid Tour. For several months, he therefore traveled the roads of France.

However, he had to take a break in order to be present for the birth of his son, Isaiah. Indeed, M Pokora became a father for the first time, but did not expect to have to abandon his fans.

The Covid-19 pandemic followed! The young man was therefore unable to resume his tour and had to cancel all his dates.

The fans were very disappointed not to be able to find him on stage. Subsequently, M Pokora then tried everything to comfort them.


In Story of his Instagram account, M Pokora recalls his great project. Or a live concert on December 8, live from the Seine Musicale.

The public will not be able to be present in the concert hall. However, he will be able to attend the concert via a livestream link.

In caption, the singer writes: “The concert of my life! We will end this year in the stars! The wait was too long, we need good vibes! “. M Pokora is apparently looking forward to it, and so are we!

However, this is not the only project launched by the young man! A few days ago, he therefore proposed to his fans to post their covers of his latest title “si on dit”.

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“As a reminder, the last winner of one of my challenges ended up in the first part of my last tour as well as on my album … 😉” he had specified.

To say the least, the singer seems delighted with the result. Thus, still on Instagram, the latter has just published a Story in which he writes: “All your versions touch me, thank you for putting your talent at the service of my song. Love on you all… Whether you are reposted or not… Really thank you… ”.

So continue to balm her heart!


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