M Pokora: popstars the TV show that relaunched?


M Pokora has lots of projects. And he sees even further! Could he appear on the Popstars TV show? It is well known that M Pokora has music in her skin. He multiplies the albums and concerts. He even offers free concerts at his home during the lockdown period.

M Pokora has always believed in his musical talent. So he tried his luck in the famous Popstars TV show. It was then a reality TV show that performed well in the 2000s.

In the same way as Star Academy, Nouvelle Star or MasterChef… These programs have not been shown on TV for several years now.

And one thing is certain, Internet users miss them a lot! Many people would therefore like to review these programs!

And it could be done! Eh yes ! This is precisely what François de Brugada, CEO of Banijay France, confided. He therefore discussed it with our colleagues from Variety.


“We are constantly looking for new ways to refresh, reinvent and relaunch historic programs like Secret Story, MasterChef, Star Academy, Fear Factor, Popstars and My Incredible Fiancé. We are therefore thinking about how to bring them back to France. ”

Very good news isn’t it! Especially since the Popstars show left very good memories for French artists.

She highlighted several artists like Sheryfa Luna, Whatfor, L5, Diadems. But also M Pokora! Vincent Panazzo, the director of programs and creation of the development of the production box then declares:

“We are working on different programs around a new generation Star Ac (…) There would always be this learning side and also great bonuses with lives”.

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The funniest thing would therefore be to find M Pokora in the program that launched him!


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