M Pokora pays a touching tribute to Kobe Bryant!


M Pokora could have become a footballer! However, his size did not allow it …A regret for the singer who never hesitates to put on his crampons to play with his friends! He also follows football matches!

We could thus see him commenting on the final of the Champions League! Indeed, the latter criticized the game of PSG!

As much to say to you that the supporters of the Parisian club did not like at all the reflection of the singer! So we read: “Focus on your music for 13-year-old pissers, it’s better.” ”

A not very objective opinion from M Pokora who is a fan of … L’OM!


However, M Pokora doesn’t just encourage football! Indeed, the latter also loves the orange ball!

We can therefore see on his Instagram, several posts where he wears basketball jerseys! We love !

The singer does not support any team… Indeed, he is a fan of the Lakers!

Thus, M Pokora very often wears yellow and purple: the colors of the Los Angeles team!

However, the famous Lakers have lost one of their own. Indeed, Kobe Bryant disappeared in a helicopter crash.

Sad news for fans who are struggling to get over it … Just like our French singer!

Indeed, the latter is very touched by the death of the basketball player. So he buys himself a lot of shirts with his effigy!

Thus, since February, the French singer has appeared with the number 8!

Even today, Isaiah’s dad shared Kobe’s jersey in his story with a gif full of tenderness towards him.

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One thing is certain: Kobe Bryant is still in everyone’s hearts.


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