M Pokora overtaken by the new generation in a video game

Today, the 35-year-old singer M Pokora was beaten by small young people while playing a sports video game!

M Pokora is fed up! Indeed, the latter is beaten by young young people in video games and he can not stand it anymore!

This Sunday, December 20, 2020, M Pokora gave himself a little time for him! Indeed, the 35-year-old singer has played a part in online video games … Only then, the latter was beaten by the younger generation at a game of football!

Thus, the darling of Christina Milian wanted to testify to his dissatisfaction via his Instagram story! “9 Shots on target, 9 goals manure. The worst part is that guys are like 12-13 years old I’m sure! ”

M Pokora also added: “The new generation tires me! I can’t keep up, that’s it. Calm down, I have kids, I don’t have time to train there anymore! ”


The day before, Mr. Pokora had posted a photo of himself that had not left his followers on Instagram indifferent! And for good reason, in the cliché posted on his feed, the handsome blond was posing topless while he shaved his beard with a Braun strainer. A brand of which he is also one of the ambassadors!

Thus, in the caption of his post, the singer wrote the following text: “Take care of yourself and yours. »A message to which Internet users replied via the comments bar!

“Also take care of yourself and your little M Pokora family”, “Always so handsome and muscular! The older he gets, the more beautiful this Matt Pokora is! “You can read on the artist’s social network!

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