M Pokora: Little Isaiah, a future great basketball


Since the birth of her son, M Pokora has lived on a small cloud. Indeed, the young dad could not be happier. Isaiah fills him with happiness!

So, it’s not uncommon to see adorable photos or videos of or of your baby boy on your Instagram account. The singer could spend days immortalizing their moments together.

Moreover, the interpreter of “Danse Avec Moi” never hesitates to open up the secrets of her new role. On June 21, Father’s Day, he spoke on the subject.

So, M Pokora wrote the following words; “What better mission in a man’s life than being a daddy / step-daddy? Happy Father’s Day everyone! ”

In any case, he’s not the only one who’s so gaga about Isaiah. Yep, his sweetheart Christina Milian – who he’s not married to, is just as much as he is!

So on her Instagram account, the actress proves it once again. Always very proud of her son, the pretty brunette films all of his actions.


Indeed, Christina Milian has the same habit as M Pokora: filming and photographing her boy all day long. After all, it doesn’t bother their fans.

Thus, Internet users love to see moments of complicity with Isaiah. And thanks to their mania, they have just discovered the baby’s new passion: basketball.

He’s only a few months old. However, M Pokora’s son already loves playing ball. But we have to believe that this does not please the young dad very much.

Yes, the singer and dancer is passionate about the round ball. In fact, his father, André Toto, is a professional football player. So, he hopes to share his love for football with her later, and not basketball!

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