M Pokora: Isaiah’s 1st year is summed up in a video!


Isaiah is soon celebrating his first birthday! A great moment for the whole family … And a very moving video for M Pokora!

Moment of emotion for M Pokora! Isaiah is indeed finishing his first year between his parents … The opportunity, therefore, to compile all the lovely family moments in a great video!

Because the singer has adopted his daughter-in-law, Violet… But Isaiah remains his first child. So he just saw him grow up for almost a year. Since his birth, January 20, 2020 …

Since then, a strange year has passed, between the covid, the canceled concerts, but also the family confinement… So many first memories that M Pokora kept with Violet, Christina and Isaiah!

Four days before the first Christmas, the family decides to pay homage to the youngest. Every cute moment of the couple’s first child is therefore compiled into one adorable video!

M Pokora publishes the final result on his Insta account… And of course, he puts one of his most beautiful songs in the background: Si t’es pas là. A very moving message, therefore …


Because the whole family celebrates this beautiful and sweet upheaval. We thus discover the legend of a singer crazy about his son. “11 months today that 2020 has really made sense …”

And what meaning! A first child, first moments, and even first steps … M Pokora seems crazy about her little Isaiah, and therefore does not hesitate to show all the moments on Insta!

In a month, he will be celebrating his first birthday especially … So we can expect a great time. And also full of emotion! What can his parents hold in store for him?

In any case, we know they have a little surprise in store for her … A little brother, or a little sister, will also show up in a few months. M Pokora’s family is growing!


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