M Pokora: Isaiah plays his first notes on the piano!


M Pokora is the father of an almost one year old boy. Isaiah is already very talented and plays the piano with his father.

M Pokora and Christina Milian are parents of a baby boy of a few months. Isaiah already seems to be a prodigy and plays the piano with his dad.

More than 10 months ago, Christina Milian gave birth to a baby boy. The starlet is looking forward to being a mom again and taking great care of her son. In addition, she can count on the help of her darling, M Pokora.

The singer is a very involved dad who spends a lot of time with his child. Thus, Isaiah appears a few times on social networks alongside his parents. At only 10 months old, he has already traveled and is having a great holiday in Mauritius.

M Pokora accompanied her sweetheart for a shoot on the island and can make the most of the good weather. Thus, he unveiled several photos and videos of him at the beach with his son. Nevertheless, parents want to protect their child and very rarely reveals his face.

In any case, little Isaiah seems to be interested in music already. He follows in his father’s footsteps and plays the piano like a pro!


M Pokora already wants to be very close to Isaiah and sees him very well become a footballer or musician. So the little boy plays ball with his daddy and even spends time on his knees playing the piano. He seems to be already very talented and loves music!

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The 35-year-old singer shared a short video of himself with his son on Instagram. We find him sitting playing the piano. Isaiah sits on her lap and seems completely enthralled with the musical instrument. Moreover, in the video, he does not hesitate to put his little hands on the black and white keys.

Isaiah therefore plays with his dad on the piano and the father and son are already a very good duo. While M Pokora applies herself, her child taps on the notes and it gives a very special style! Nevertheless, the video is touching and the fans fell in love!

“The next generation is here”, we can read on Instagram. So, is Isaiah going to take up the piano later and learn everything from his father? In any case, the little boy already wants to be wide awake for his age and is a delight for the little family.


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