M Pokora is a super stylish astronaut on Instagram


Is M Pokora fed up with Earth and wants to go to another planet? This is what we can think of when we look at his latest story in which he appears in astronaut mode.

In fact, fans of the artist may know why the artist used this Instagram filter. This one, sticking perfectly to one of his music “The Planets”. But before talking about this famous filter, maybe we could go over the singer’s desire to leave Earth.

Because yes, a few hours ago, M Pokora learned bad news. Its Pyramid Tour being canceled because of the Covid-19. He also took the floor to let his fans know and seemed very sad:

“With a heavy heart… Sorry for the late announcement but we tried until the end… We’ll get revenge on the next… You know me now… We’ll come back even stronger. Legendary or nothing… ”

That’s why, after such bad news, we can understand M Pokora’s urge to take off to somewhere other than our blue planet.


Tony Stark just has to behave. Indeed, Christina Milian’s sweetheart wears iron armor very well and could have gone off to fight Thanos during Avengers Endgame. Because yes, the singer looks a lot more like Iron Man than an astronaut thanks to this Instagram filter.

Unfortunately, we can’t really find out what M Pokora fans think. Since this is a simple story and not a post. But there is no doubt that most think like us.

It remains to be seen if Marvel is looking for a new hero and if the company could consider M Pokora for its next films. We have to admit that seeing Isaiah’s daddy saving the world alongside Tom Holland or Chris Pratt would be pretty cool.

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