M Pokora: his pretty secrets about his early career!


Monday August 24, 2020, Mr. Pokora posted a photo of himself when he was 17! Isaiah’s daddy was the contestant for the famous Popstar show at the time!

Thus, Internet users adored this post, in fact, in just a few hours, the publication in question has accumulated more than 50,000 likes… A real record for the singer!

The comments are also very numerous! Indeed, Internet users were keen to compliment the handsome M Pokora for his journey!


M Pokora accompanied the photo of him young with a long, very moving text! “August 2003, that’s how we met… I was 17 years old and I was a stranger in the midst of 15,000 candidates… So half of my life, I spent it in front of you… »Wrote the beautiful blonde!

The handsome M Pokora also added: “I went from the teenager to the adult before your eyes, from the artist to the father of a family before your eyes … 17 years of career is a long marathon, and tell me that 17 years later, this year I was doing the biggest tour of my career… ”

Ms. Pokora then thanked her fans and encouraged them for their projects: “It is proof that you should never stop working, questioning yourself, renewing yourself and aiming higher. ”

“Work always pays, this sentence is for all dreamers who read me! Dreams come true when you work hard, respect people and are ambitious… THANKS for this journey we have already come together, ”concluded Matt Pokora!

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