M Pokora: her moving testimony about Alzheimer’s disease!


A few hours ago, the Instagram account “Brutofficiel” posted a video of more than 5 minutes in which the singer M Pokora confides on the Alzheimer’s disease which struck his grandfather!

A post that came with the following caption: “Matt Pokora talks about his battle with Alzheimer’s disease. ”

“Mr. Pokora tells Brut how he had to deal with Alzheimer’s disease from his childhood that struck his grandfather. Today he is involved in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease with the Foundation for Medical Research. ”


On Instagram, the video in question has already accumulated more than 300,000 views, a real record! Comments from M Pokora fans are also extremely numerous! So we suggest you read a few!

“I didn’t know you, but your words are beautiful and emotional! Thank you ! “I confirm that having a loved one with Alzeihmer is anything but easy going. It’s very hard especially when you are asked the same question at least five times in a few minutes … ”

Or: “The person with Alzheimer’s does not suffer or at least little, it is the loved ones who suffer the damage of this disease! So well done to you and your M Pokora family! “” Your testimony moved me very much, thank you for those beautiful words! ”

Can we read on the social network! Comments all more touching than the others! So it’s your turn to discover Matt Pokora’s testimony below!

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