M Pokora has class in a colorful jacket on Instagram!


M Pokora continues to tease his next clip! While we know that he shot it, that he will soon be done editing it, we still don’t know anything about the project … This morning, the singer just reveals the jacket he will have in the video!

It’s not long, but it’s already! Because it maintains a lot of mystery around this future clip. So we know he spent three days on it. That he didn’t get much sleep, too … But we don’t know the main thing!

Mr. Pokora has still not said which song he put in pictures. So what will be the next Pyramid title on the screens after Dance with Me? Mystery… But the project is progressing well!

We discover indeed a lot of details as we go. Because the singer likes to keep his audience in suspense … He therefore swings small clues from time to time to keep everyone hooked.

In his latest story, he unveils one of the jackets he will wear in the video. Yesterday, M Pokora unveils a photo of the assembly where he wears a white jacket with shoulder pads… Today’s one is much less white!


He sports a multicolored jacket! Very hard to describe, it goes in all shades … Not everyone can wear this kind of clothes. But he wears it very well!

Between blue, red, golden yellow and white lines, we get lost a little in the sweater… So with the jacket on top, M Pokora is very heavy! But that can only go to him …

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The Frenchman, in his 17-year career, has accustomed his fans to having all styles. It adapts to the weather … No wonder, then, to find out with this sleeveless jacket over this very colorful sweater.

In the end, M Pokora crosses time carefree, with styles that work every time … Even if, suddenly, we are waiting to see the other styles he adopts in his video!


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