M Pokora gets in a car with Christina Milian!


M Pokora and Christina Milian are located in Mauritius. The two stars took a little cart ride and had a great time.

Christina Milian and M Pokora have been in Mauritius for several weeks. They decided to take a little cart ride and had a great time.

A few months ago, Christina Milian gave birth to a baby boy. M Pokora is looking forward to being a dad for the first time and spending a lot of time with Isaiah. Moreover, he flaunts himself like a real daddy hen and makes the web crackle with his photos.

However, fans have yet to see Isaiah. Both parents chose not to post their son on social media in order to protect him. Internet users were still able to see a foot or even a hand of the little boy.

Christina Milian quickly lost all of her pregnancy pounds and wasted no time in getting her career back on track. Indeed, for several weeks, she has been in Mauritius for a shoot.

M Pokora accompanied her sweetheart to Mauritius, because the shooting lasts a long time. Then, it allows him to stay with his family and does many activities.


M Pokora is having a blast while in Mauritius. The 35-year-old singer gets up early in the morning to go to the beach and enjoys the beautiful surroundings. Then, he does not hesitate to play tennis and takes care of his son.

However, Monday, November 16, Matt Pokora decided to rent a small cart. He discovered the whole island with this means of transportation and had a great time. In fact, he has shared many photos on Instagram and must have made his fans laugh.

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At the end of the day, M Pokora decided to ride a cart with Christina Milian. The star had surely finished his day of filming and wanted to let off steam a little. Thus, on videos, we find Isaiah’s parents having fun.

Christina Milian shows off as Matt picks up his phone to film the scene and share it on Instagram. The singer drives while listening to music and enjoys every moment on the island.


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