M Pokora: Christina Milian with her boyfriend


Christina Milian’s best friend celebrates her birthday today! M Pokora’s sweetheart sends him an adorable message on Insta.

On Instagram, Christina Milian just sent a little message to her BFF for her birthday. The one who shares M Pokora’s life has only one hurry, to find her!

On social networks, Christina Milian reveals everything about her lively daily life. With it, the public does not have time to be bored.

Photo shoots, beauty advice, new announcements and little moments with his family, everything is there! The star does not hide anything from his many fans.

The latter follow the crazy adventures of their idol en masse, on the lookout for the slightest novelty. And for once, there are many!

On Instagram, M Pokora’s sweetheart has just sent an adorable message to her best friend for her birthday!


Earlier today, Christina Milian sent a little message to her best friend on Instagram. We have to believe that she misses her a lot!

“Everyone wishes my best friend Robyn Matarazzo a happy birthday! She is the kindest, generous, fun, loving, beautiful, of all human beings that I know.

I am more than happy to have it in my life. Robyn, you get better every year! I just wish I could be with you on this big day!

But soon we will bring our small team together again. I love you ! “. So you will understand, Christina Milian and her friend Robyn love each other more than anything.

M Pokora’s sweetheart has also unveiled some photos and videos of the latter. So we let you admire!

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