M Pokora: Christina Milian loves gardening with her mom!


On her Twitter account, Christina Milian, M Pokora’s sweetheart, has just shared an adorable moment while gardening with her mother

In this period of confinement, some may not know what to do to take care of themselves. Christina Milian has the solution: gardening with her mom. Indeed, M Pokora’s sweetheart has just shared a knowing moment with her mom, proving that she had a green thumb.

But this is not the only activity practiced by Isaiah’s parents. If you follow the social networks of the two, you may have seen that they were full of imagination to make their days more enjoyable. Like playing tennis for example.

It must be said that owning a tennis court when you are away from home makes it easier. Indeed, M Pokora and her darling exchanged a few balls a few days ago. Another fact that makes it all easier? The Americans are not yet reconfined.

Indeed, no doubt due to the presidential election, those who live in the USA can still move freely. But that should soon come to an end when we see the number of cases doubling or even tripling day by day.

That’s why M Pokora’s sweetheart should use these “last moments” to spend time with her mother.


Because, unless she confines herself to her, she won’t be able to be near her for a long time. We don’t really know if the US is going to re-define itself. Well if so, for how many days they are going to do it.

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This is why Christina Milian and M Pokora undoubtedly share the last moments with their loved ones. Unless they make the choice to stay together during the period ahead? No one knows what they will decide.

However, if there is one thing for sure, it is that the singer and her mother fell in love with gardening. You only have to see her last Twitter post to realize it.

A post in which M Pokora’s sweetheart lets it be known that her mother has always been passionate about gardening.


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