M Pokora and Christina Milian decorate Isaiah’s tree!


The couple formed by M Pokora and Christina Milian have fun making the first tree for their son, Isaiah. He is in heaven!

In the story of her Instagram account, Christina Milian revealed a wonderful family moment. With M Pokora and Isaiah, they decorate the Christmas tree.

How adorable! For the first time, M Pokora will be spending the holiday season with her cute little tribe.

Indeed, the singer will be able to celebrate Christmas in the company of Christina Milian, his darling. In fact, the two lovebirds recently got married.

But also with Violet Madison, his daughter-in-law with whom he is very close and accomplice. And of course, his son Isaiah, born last January.

So for the occasion, M Pokora had a nice idea: to decorate the Christmas tree together. After all, there is nothing quite like doing it with the family!

So the pretty 39-year-old actress couldn’t help but immortalize the moment. So, we can see the interpreter of Our Planets placing one ball after another on the branches of the tree.

In fact, Violet Madison is helping her with a hand. The young girl is very involved in the decoration of this tree, and stays close to her stepfather.


As for Isaiah, M Pokora’s little boy has fun pulling branches from the Christmas tree. After all, he hasn’t even blown out his first candle yet.

So he may not have understood the principle yet. In any case, their adorable baby wants to be there and tries to impose himself. It’s so cute!

So nothing can make M Pokora more happy. On the story of his wife, the artist seems to be in heaven. It’s very simple: he lives on his own.

To believe it, just take a look at his Instagram account. The young daddy keeps posting cute pictures with his baby. Although he never shows his face!


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