Lying about behaving the same way in the Apple App Store


For years, Apple has been accused of practicing monopoly and trust in its App Store. The case evolved into a lawsuit, and yesterday (29), in yet another of the court hearings, the prosecution released documents that demonstrate that Apple CEO Tim Cook lied when he said that all developers are treated equally in the App Store.

Amazon Prime Video with different rate

Among the documents presented, which try to prove irregularities in the App Store, was an email sent by Apple executive Eddy Cue to the CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, in late 2016. The message spoke of a meeting between the two, which occurred earlier , and details about the contract for publishing the Prime Video app to the Apple store.
In the message, clearly and explicitly, Cue confirmed the amount of fees that Amazon would pay Apple for the deal: 15% of the revenue from subscriptions made through the app and 15% of participation in third-party Amazon channels sold through the app (when the original subscriber used Apple’s internal payment service) would be passed on to Apple.

The problem is that the standard App Store agreement charges 30% of subscriptions during the first year, and 15% after that period. However, the message exchanged between Cue and Bezos made it very clear that Amazon would have 85% of the revenue since the beginning of the contract.

The agreement between the two companies, by the way, seems to go further. Earlier this year, Amazon started selling TV shows and movies through its iOS and tvOS applications, but sales were not required to be processed by Apple’s internal payments service if the user already had a credit card. credit associated with your Amazon account.

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