Luxury electric bicycles are coming from Porsche


Porsche has unveiled two electric bikes, eBike Sport and Cross, with its new electric car named Taycan Cross Turismo. Both bikes feature a full suspension carbon fiber frame and Magura brake. The components of the bike such as the engine and gear are signed by the Japanese manufacturer Shimano.

In a statement made by Porsche, it was stated that electric bicycles will complement the Taycan Cross Turismo. Behind the Cross Turismo is a mechanism that allows it to carry three bikes.

Designed for use in the city, eBike Sport can reach a speed of 24 kilometers per hour. A balanced ride on asphalt or other delicate surfaces is aimed with the high-quality suspension.

eBike Cross is a bike suitable for use in harsher conditions. The seat height of the bicycle can be adjusted hydraulically. There are three different size options for both eBike.

Porsche eBike Sport and Cross will be available at Porsche dealers in the spring. As can be expected, high amounts will be written on the price tag of electric bicycles. The eBike Sport will be sold starting at $ 10,700 and the eBike Cross starting at $ 8549.


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