Luther: “The Fallen Sun” Is Trending on Netflix, and Fans Can’t Come to Terms With Its Wild Ending


Warning: There are small SPOILERS in the ending of “Luther: The Fallen Sun”. If you haven’t watched the movie yet, you’ve been warned.

Not all the hits from the new 2023 movie releases have been released in theaters, as can be seen from the recent trend of “Luther: The Fallen Sun” from Netflix. The cinematic sequel to the fan-favorite detective series by Neil Cross with Idris Elba, it hit the top of Netflix movie charts around the time of its debut and continues to gain momentum. One of the reasons for this, in addition to the return of Elba to the iconic character of DCI John Luther, is the fact that fans can’t come to terms with the wild ending of the film.

Without going into details, we note that the means that Luther’s stubborn hero uses to solve his latest case attract the attention of quite important people to him. By the end of “Fallen Sun,” John Luther apparently receives a “job offer” from someone we only know as “The Boss.” As you will see in this reaction to Idris Elba’s Twitter post dedicated to the first place in the film “Luther: The Fallen Sun”, the ending caused a very specific reaction:

As a newfound Luther fan and a longtime James Bond fan, I totally agree with these feelings. With the iconic BBC/Netflix detective really going through all the trials in this first film, there are so many places John Luther can go next. And his skills have proven that he can do a job for His Majesty’s government that most others would not even dream of. Here’s another tweet in support of the same call, as well as another reaction to Luther: The Fallen Sun:

All this is reinforced by the fact that former 00 contender Idris Elba dropped out of the race for James Bond. After years of people forcing this job on him, the actor eventually decided to focus his efforts on Luther rather than chasing this particular rabbit.

One can understand why, especially given that this ending leaves the door open for the character to engage in similar activities, but without the usual franchise restrictions. Some said so, as you will see in our next comment on the finale of “Fallen Sun”:

Luther: The Fallen Sun also has some funny spy references, one of which is related to James Bond’s favorite drink and a very funny dismissal. But even the events of the film are reminiscent of “Skyfall”, since Andy Serkis’ villain David Roby participates in some theatrical productions very similar to Javier Bardem’s Raul Silva. Again, this isn’t the only major franchise referenced by John Luther’s latest adventure, as we’ll conclude this review with a rather inspiring connection.:

If Oscar Isaac hadn’t already starred in Metal Gear Solid, Idris Elba could have been a fantastic choice for the role of Solid Snake. Of course, it doesn’t look like we’re going to worry about that any time soon, as the success of “Luther: Fallen Sun” may require Netflix to get to work on a sequel any time soon. Since the fans are enjoying the movie and Elba is determined to continue, the iron is really hot. Those of you who are interested in watching this movie can do so thanks to the benefits of a Netflix subscription.


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