Lurking Evil: Netflix Movie is Full of Twists (Criticism)


Lurking Evil: “Twists” is the word that defines the movie Lurking Evil, a horror film that recently arrived on the Netflix catalog and debuted in the top 10 most watched titles on the streaming platform, where it stayed for a few weeks. The Netflix movie was added in April and caught the attention of viewers due to its script with several plots that connect to each other.

The film follows the Harper family, consisting of his mother, Jackie (Helen Hunt), his father, Greg (Jon Tenney) and his teenage son, Connor (Judah Lewis). Greg is a detective responsible for investigating a series of disappearances for 12-year-olds in his city. However, as is common in horror movies and great thriller thrillers, not everything is what it seems.

With just over 1h30min in duration, the script draws attention for all its twists and turns, but it can be confusing and fail to hold the attention of the spectators in many moments. Want to know if it’s worth watching? Check out the full review below!

Lurking Evil: Netflix movie brings good idea, but confusing execution

The Harper family has many problems. They fail to understand each other and are constantly fighting, but a traumatic event causes Greg and Jackie to need to come together. Todd, Jackie’s lover, is murdered inside her house and the woman and her husband decide to hide the body in the forest. When they return to the house, their son, Connor, is tied up in the bathtub.

It is precisely at this point that things start to get strange. In addition to having to deal with fights and disagreements, the Harper family begins to notice that television turns on by itself, some photos disappear from their frames and cutlery begins to disappear without any explanation. Apparently, an evil presence in the house is trying to destabilize the Harpers.

To explain this presence, the horror film has an explanation that would make the film one of the best in the genre if it had been explored further. In the style of Parasita, recordings from a portable camera reveal that there is nothing supernatural in the house, but that two teenagers are living in the residence without the owners of the house knowing it.

While the girl is already used to living in silence in other people’s homes, the boy, Alec, gets bored easily and begins to provoke these pranks to scare the family. But, this is also not by chance. After all, Alec’s past connects him directly to Greg, being yet another of the twists and turns that are part of Lurking Evil.

The truth is that the idea of ​​the film is very good and could, in fact, be one of the best horror films on the platform. However, there is a limit at which side stories and twists stop making sense to become a difficult script. In the end, the viewer may have two reactions: either he will feel completely surprised, or he will stop watching the film with a sense of predictability and that everything that happened could have been deduced in the first 40 minutes of the film.

In short, this is a horror film that may fall more into the Netflix suspense category. It’s worth watching? Worth a lot! However, keep in mind that you will have many plots to follow and not all of them will necessarily be satisfactory.

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