Lupita Jones realized it was time to change after criticism


Lupita Jones acknowledged that the time has come for a change. The criticism that she has received for years, accentuated recently, for the management of the beauty contest to elect Miss Mexico, have deeply penetrated her.

In an interview, Jones accepted that it is time to turn to see what her mistakes have been.

“Of course it makes me think a lot, reconsider and say: ‘What am I failing at?’, ‘Why are these girls leaving with this perception?’, ‘Why can’t they see the good?’ I had a completely different perception of what I lived with them, that’s why when these things happen, overnight to say that it was the worst they have ever experienced, I say: “what time did it happen?” So, I don’t know, I suppose I have to redefine many things, “confessed the director of the Universal Mexicana organization.

During the week, Sofía Aragón, current representative of the Country and who obtained the position of second finalist in Miss Universe 2019, revealed abuse and violence on the part of Jones against her and other contestants, in addition to the lack of the promised financial support.

Upon learning of this, Jones wanted to clarify her version to the current applicants. She told them that Aragon’s sayings were a lie and even revealed that other former queens have been ungrateful to her.

“She is a manipulative, cold, calculating woman,” he said about Aragon, for example. Jones herself spread the video of this explanation on her networks, although she later deleted it, regretful.

Yesterday in the interview, she shared that she has not had contact with Aragón, but hopes that she too can recognize the virtues she received from the project and, after the bad drink, finally be able to turn the page.

“I have not had communication with her, it has not happened, but what corresponds to me is to offer a public apology for my bad behavior, for the way in which I expressed myself, not only about her, but about any other girl who she could feel aggrieved, ”she shared.

“I realized that, in a second, by a fit, you can lose the vision of what you have always believed and promoted. I acknowledge my mistake publicly and offer an apology to all women who may have felt aggrieved. ”

“For me that is the way to heal, to say: ‘I watered it, sorry.’ And I am not justifying myself for anything, I am showing my face by making myself responsible for a bad act, “he stressed.


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