Lupine: this upsetting scene which made the Web cry!


Lupine has upset a lot of people to the point of becoming the most viewed French series … But one scene really touched Netflix subscribers

Will Lupine find his son again? As he gets kidnapped at the end of Episode 5, fans are on the alert … But another scene has shocked Netflix subscribers. It must be said that the family history is painful!

Indeed, Assane Diop does not only do that for him. He also does this for his father. Immigrated, he gave his life to make his son happy … But, trapped by the Pellegrini family, he committed suicide in prison.

Assane therefore runs after his father’s story. From the theft of Marie-Antoinette’s necklace to prison, the Lupine fan sets out in pursuit of lost time. But above all in search of the truth about his father.

Because he knows, his father could have been a gentleman burglar. But surely not a thief. So you have to know why he would have stolen this necklace … Or especially, why we accuse him of having done it.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Assane thus discovers his father’s fascination with Lupine … and also reveals the trap set by Father Pellegrini to recover the money for the necklace.


In the footsteps of his father, he continues to follow that of his hero. We discover that father and son were very similar in their way of thinking.

When he arrived in prison, what other book could Lupine find? And only he could also understand how to decipher the code to understand the message …

But in this journey between father and son, the most touching moment is undoubtedly that of the gloves. Because Assane finds his father’s work gloves again … And feels them for a long time, as if to draw inspiration from them.

Full of meaning and sweetness, this scene from Lupine remains one of the most touching. Because it is about transmission, about a father who gave everything, until his life, for his son.