Lupine: the robbery scene really shot at the Louvre?


The heist scene from the new Netflix series, Was Lupine really filmed at the Louvre? We give you more details.

Was the burglary scene at the Louvre in the Lupine series filmed in the famous museum?

This is the New Year’s event series! Netflix subscribers have indeed been able to discover the first episodes of the Lupine series.

And the streaming giant has also seen the big picture for its new French production! The series therefore traces the adventures of the most famous gentleman burglar, Arsène Lupine.

The latter seems known for his talent to recreate new identities to commit his crimes. In the Netflix series, Omar Sy plays the main character.

And as French critics tear apart over this new series, a burglary scene in the world’s largest museum has caught our attention. Was this really shot at the Louvre?


After Jean-Luc Godard or Beyoncé, it’s Louis Leterrier’s turn to treat himself to the Louvre. Indeed, the director had the honor of placing his camera in the midst of the marvels that the Parisian museum hides.

In the first episode of Lupine, we therefore witness a burglary in the Louvre. Assane Diop therefore sets up a plan to steal the queen’s famous necklace.

An incredible scene that ends with the glide of a luxury car in the famous inverted pyramid! Louis Leterrier returned to his shoot at the microphone of AlloCiné.

“It was amazing. Diane, who was our advisor, gave us free rein to do just about anything we wanted, “he says. He will specify all the same that the Louvre refused him some ideas.

The museum has also reserved some nice surprises for the director of Lupine. “I was wandering around for scouting and I found myself on a gate that hides a staircase. There were plenty of them everywhere, all around the courtyard of the Louvre, ”he confides.

“Diane explained to me that if there is a problem, those gates open and people can evacuate. We’ve never seen this before! »He adds. “We were able to film the Louvre in a different way. We had a blast, especially on the stage with the Ferrari, “concludes the director.


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