Lupine: Omar Sy and the production crew at his creation!


Omar Sy and the Lupine production team reveal everything you need to know about the creation of the series! We tell you everything.

The producers of Lupine and Omar Sy review the creation of the series!

This is one of the successful series of the new year 2021. On January 8, the streaming platform Netflix unveiled its latest creation.

And it must be said that Lupine was a huge success! However, only the first 5 episodes of the series are available at the moment.

But it didn’t take longer to convince Netflix subscribers. Today, Lupine star Omar Sy reflects on the creation of the series and his role.

Created by George Kay and François Uzan, the series is inspired by the world of a famous burglar. “We read Lupine at school as we read Victor Hugo. »Explains the director, François Uzan.


For the lead role in the Lupine series, the production team chose Omar Sy. The actor is described as someone elegant, charming, joker which therefore fits perfectly with the character.

Isabelle Degeorges, the producer of the series, explains that with Omar they said to each other that he had to play a character in tribute to Arsène Lupine. Thus, the actor plays the role of Assan Diop, a great admirer of the famous burglar.

Like his idol, he transforms into a chameleon man so he can achieve his goals. Soon we learn that the character of Omar Sy aims to steal the Queen’s necklace.

In addition to a fascinating story, the series also introduces us to unique places. Eh yes ! Indeed, the production teams were able to place their cameras in the largest in the world, the Louvre.

“There are quite a few emblematic places. »Admits Nathan Franck, producer of the series. “Turning under the pyramid is quite unique,” adds Isabelle Degeorges.

“The great thing about the show is that Paris is very present there. Says George Kay. The series indeed shows the French capital in its entirety. To discover very quickly.


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