Lupine (Netflix): Sharon Stone is a fan of the series!


Sharon Stone gives Omar Sy a nice compliment in connection with his Lupine series on Netflix. And it must be said that it is really deserved.

Lupine is a hit on Netflix. And the series is exported internationally. Even in the United States, the actors talk about Omar Sy. This is the case of Sharon Stone who pays the French actor a little compliment. Something to delight our modern-day Arsène Lupine.

On Twitter, the American actress wrote: “Lupine is another great project from Omar Sy on Netflix.” It must be said that the French actor has already acted in several American films. We think here of Transformers or recently Jurassic World.

This time, with this French series, Omar Sy manages to export French cinema. It must be said that the series is really remarkable. A beautiful realization and a remake of the best stories of Lupine. But this time, they are happening nowadays.

A mix of old and new. The whole thing makes a rather subtle and very pleasant mixture. The series was released on January 8, and already, the success is there. So much so that international actors compliment this show signed George Kay and François Uzan.


The Lupine series was so popular that the second part is of course eagerly awaited. Normally, part 2 of season 1 is expected to be released in the next few months. Because this one is already in the box. It would therefore suffice to distribute it. But Netflix likes to keep people waiting.

In any case, this is good news for French cinema. For Sharon Stone to compliment Omar Sy is already a big step. It must be said that the actor is starting to shine more and more internationally. Soon better known than Jean Dujardin?

The director confided on Allo Ciné “it’s in a box, it has already been shot”. We can’t wait to find Omar Sy again in Lupine’s sequel. It must be said that part 1 ended in suspense with the kidnapping of his son in Etretat.


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