Lupine: Netflix gives the origin of the cult character!


Netflix reveals the origins of the character of its new cult series Lupine on social networks! We tell you everything.

We know more about the origins of the character of the new Netflix series, Lupine!

On January 8, we discovered the very first episodes of the streaming giant’s new production. Indeed, Netflix finally unveiled its new series Lupine.

As its name suggests, we can imagine that the fiction was to be inspired by the universe of Arsène Lupine created by Maurice Leblanc. In fact, the creators of the series, George Kay and François Uzan have chosen Omar Sy for the role of the main character. Eh yes !

For the moment, only the first 5 episodes of the series are therefore available on the streaming platform. The other 5 are already shot and should therefore be revealed in the weeks or even months to come.

So in the meantime, let’s take a look at the origins of the hero of the Netflix series! So Netflix has decided to retrace the journey of the famous character from his creation to the series! So it was on Instagram that the streaming giant posted a video explaining its origins.


You should know that the character of Arsène Lupine was born in the imagination of Maurice Leblanc in 1905. Indeed, an editor had asked him to create a character a bit like Sherlock Holmes. Eh yes !

Maurice Leblanc will then write the adventures of Arsène Lupine for nearly 40 years! Just that. “Of noble blood from his mother’s side, an outstanding athlete and having studied extensively. Gentleman by day and thug by night, Arsène embodies French class in Belle Époque France. »Says Manon Brilcuah.

As for his outfit, it was Léon Fontan who imagined him with his monocle, his white gloves and his hat. It was the latter who did the illustrations at the time. Eh yes !

Everything was therefore imagined to embody a “classy dandy, very intelligent and with a very sour sense of humor. Finally, Netflix reveals that Maurice Leblanc might have been inspired by Marius Jacob. Eh yes !

The latter was a burglar well known for his sense of humor! Finally, many episodes of the famous saga take place in Étretat. And for good reason: it is in this superb corner of Normandy that Maurice Leblanc retired to write.

In the Netflix series, Assane Diop therefore takes up the main characteristics of the character. To the delight of the fans. We love. The series is to be discovered very quickly!


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