Lupine (Netflix) about to Checkmate the Lady’s Game!


In the Lady’s Game, will Lupine be the king? The series worn by Omar Sy seems in any case well on the way to breaking records on Netflix!

A French series has never been so successful … With Lupine, Netflix has achieved a great deal. But the platform does not seem to have come to the end of its surprises. Because the start-up figures are likely to send a heavy load!

It’s only 11 days since Omar Sy has toured Paris like a burglar gentleman. Released on January 8, the series has already attracted a large crowd of curious: more than 10 countries rank it in first position …

But Lupine is about to steal a place: that of The Chronicle of Bridgerton! While, like Le Jeu de la Dame, the creation had attracted around 63 million viewers on D + 28, Omar Sy should be in front of…

Netflix “projects” the audiences of the series. The platform calculates the number of accounts that have watched at least two minutes of the series. And use an algorithm to see further.

After 11 days, Lupine should therefore appear on the screens of more than 70 million households around the world! News released and supported by 20 minutes… And a real perf for a French series.


Omar Sy will therefore be the main character of the most viewed French series of all time… But Netflix is ​​projecting “only” 70 million views. The record, all series combined, will not fall!

Henry Cavill and The Witcher had indeed attracted 76 million spectators during the first month! A record still unmatched. And that Lupine will not go looking for …

Because Netflix’s calculations for predicting the success of a business are often correct. But we must also highlight The Witcher’s huge performance: at the time, there was no lockdown … The platform therefore had fewer subscribers.

Omar Sy and Lupine will therefore stop just behind The Witcher … But the gentleman burglar has yet more records to go and steal. And a season 2 to seduce the whole world a little more!


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