Lupin (Netflix): Those Things Wrong With Assane’s Plan!


The Lupin series is very successful on Netflix. But Internet users have still noticed inconsistencies! In the Lupine series (Netflix), internet users have noticed things that are not right with Assane’s plan!

Good news ! The French series “Lupine” has dethroned Le Jeu de la Dame and The Bridgertons Chronicle on Netflix! This is a great first!

The show created by George Kay was a hit the world over! It must be said that the series is quite original! Since it is therefore a recent version of the old Arsène Lupine series, which has never been reinterpreted.

The series therefore tells the story of Assane Diop, a burglar gentleman who is inspired by tales written by Maurice Leblanc. However, the series sometimes lacks consistency.

Indeed, while Assane says he is very cunning and never discloses his identity, he has done so on several occasions. So he introduced himself to the journalist, to Juliette, the Pellegrini’s daughter.

And even worse, he constantly reveals his face! Another strange scene that does not go at all is his own death to be evacuated by an ambulance.

At first, his suicide seems ridiculous because the harness he used was way too light. Second, the way his death was declared does not hold water.

We all know that in everyday life, a doctor would first check the body and then find out just after it is time to die.


We’re all on the lookout when it comes to watching this series! This is precisely the reason why the plan of the Louvre commissioned by Assane to recover Marie-Antoinette’s necklace does not hold water.

Louvre museum staff are unlikely to verify buyers’ profiles on Wikipedia right now. It must be done long before. And on a more credible site!

Another strange fact in Lupine! Father Pellegrini claimed to have recovered his necklace in pieces. But Assane’s friend assured him that it was impossible, since there was no sign of breaking or anything.

Thus, we therefore understand that the teams of art experts at the Louvre are incompetent. Fortunately, this is not the case! Otherwise, the Mona Lisa painting would have been replaced by a fake a long time ago!

But despite all these inconsistencies, viewers still enjoy watching the Lupine series. They even take great pleasure in savoring the first five episodes!

So we can’t wait to see the rest! Unfortunately, the shooting was postponed because of the health crisis. But season 2 should be available this summer!


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