Lupin: Introductory video for the second part of the series


This Friday, Netflix released a new teaser for Part 2 of the 1st season of the Lupine series. The French production, starring Omar Sy, however, still has no return date officially announced by the streaming platform.

The new episodes of the production should continue directly from the point where part 1 ended. In them, we will see even more about Assane’s (Omar Sy) search for revenge against Hubert Pellegrini (Hervé Pierre), which would have devastated the history of his family.

Even with all his attempts being quite dangerous, the boy will continue to have blood in his eyes until he reaches his main goals. However, things seem to be even more tense and he will need to execute a new plan, even if he needs to face unusual situations.

Check out the full teaser:

Lupine has become one of the most watched series of all time on Netflix

The Lupine series surprised the audience when it was released on January 8. With few episodes, it instigated the audience and became one of the most watched productions on Netflix of all time.

From the teaser images, it is possible to assume that the new wave of episodes has more adrenaline and action than before. Apparently, the main character, who was directly inspired by the antics of the infamous Arsène Lupine, created by Maurice Leblanc, will need to architect his plans in even more impressive ways.

In this way, emotions will not be lacking with the launch of Part 2. In addition to Omar Sy, the cast of the series will also include Ludivine Sagnier, Clotilde Hesme, Soufiane Guerrab and Shirine Boutella.

So don’t miss it! Very soon Netflix will make new episodes of Lupine available to all its subscribers.


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