Lupin: 8 questions that season 2 has to answer


Still with no confirmed debut date, Netflix’s 2nd season of Lupine is already one of the most awaited by fans. The series, which follows the pattern of other hits like La Casa de Papel, brought episodes full of twists and turns that left viewers more and more involved in the plot. Therefore, many questions ended up unanswered and should be the basis for the theme of the next season.

Let’s check out some of them? See 8 questions that the Lupine season 2 must answer:


8. What will happen to Raoul?

In the 5th episode of the series, Assane’s son is kidnapped by Léonard, although his plan was just to capture Assane, leaving Raoul and Claire behind. In addition to not knowing what will happen to him, there is also the question of whether Léonard kidnapped him as his own plan for revenge or if it was an order by Pellegrini.

7. Who is Claire dating?

We already know that Claire is moving on with her life and, during the first season of Lupine, there are several comments that suggest a new boyfriend. However, we still don’t know who this mysterious character is and if he will be an ally or villain.

6. What do Juliette and Assane mean to each other?

Assane broke up with Juliette to be with Claire. But still, things don’t seem to be totally over between the two. The love triangle can be an interesting plot for the next episodes.

5. What is the truth about Dumont?

Another interesting question for Lupine’s next season is how serious Dumont’s corruption problems are. He didn’t start his career that way and even seemed anxious about getting involved with Pellegrini. However, we still don’t know how willing he is to bury the truth and whether he will help Assane.

4. Are earrings symbolic?

At the end of a date, Assane leaves Juliette with a pair of earrings that he recently stole from a lady. In addition, he also presents Benjamin with some stolen jewelry, signaling that the piece may have some symbolic meaning.

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3. What does Anne know and is hiding?

Although this possibility exists, it is very difficult to believe that Anne lacks crucial information about her husband’s past. It may be that she doesn’t know enough to put the puzzle together, but conversations with her daughter suggest that she always knew that his career was not exactly safe and ethical.

This is going to be very important for us to know what she was thinking when she convinced Assane’s father to sign a confession.

2. Did Assane reveal his identity on purpose?

Throughout the first season of the Netflix series, Assane always seemed to be one step ahead of his enemies. Even when it seemed that things were lost, we found that he had already prepared himself for basically anything.

So, it was a big surprise for Lupine fans when he revealed his identity to Dumont. Was that part of his plans too, or was it just an impulsive moment?

1. What does Assane know about his father’s death?

In addition to all these questions that remained for the second season of Lupine, we also want to know exactly what he has already discovered about his father’s death. In the first few episodes, it even seemed like he knew more than he showed. However, as the story developed, some gaps began to emerge.

The man he fights on the train is the same man Assane saw at the window when he was a child and visited his father in prison. So this is one of the main questions that we can’t wait to find the answer to.

Lupine’s first season debuted on the streaming platform in January 2021 and has already had its next season confirmed by Netflix. Although it has not yet released an official date, the platform says that the new episodes will be made available “soon”, probably between June and September 2021, during the North American summer.

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