Lupin: 5 Sentences in French For You To Understand The 2nd Part


Lupin: The Netflix Lupin series is making a big hit around the world. The second part of the plot debuted on June 11th, and it is expected that it will repeat – or surpass – the mark of views achieved in part 1.

The French drama follows Assane Diop (Omar Sy), a man who wants revenge on the millionaires who frame his father and, for that, uses the tricks of Arsène Lupin, a character in French fiction.

As well as enjoying the beautiful landscapes and famous scenery of Paris, such as the Porte Saint-Martin, you can also learn some French.

Considered the third most studied language by Brazilians, according to the Duolingo app, the series features several well thought-out phrases that contribute to the story.

Check out five French phrases that are important to the series and that you need to know to get all of Lupin’s 2nd part references.

1 . Arsene Lupin, gentleman-cambrioleur

In addition to being the name of the character in the book, Arsène Lupin literally means gentleman-thief, or in the Portuguese translation of the book: thief in a coat.

two . Vous m’avez vu, more pas regardé

This sentence translates to “You saw me, but you didn’t”, but the protagonist uses it to prove how he can make people see only what he wants, using Lupin’s tricks.

3 . Je you will le venger de Pellegrini

Assane Diop says this phrase to confess the motivation for stealing the necklace: to avenge his father. So he says: “I will avenge you on Pellegrini”.

4 . Vous entrez balayeurs, et sortez millionnaires

This phrase is used by Assane to convince his companions of how they would steal the necklace that was inside the Louvre, which means: “Thieves enter and millionaires leave”.

5 . J’accuse

Fabienne’s puppy’s name means “I accuse” and, coupled with the fact that he barks every time he hears the name Pellegrini, it’s as if he accuses anyone who speaks of the enemy.