Lung Transplant Was Used For The First Time In The Treatment Of Corona Virus


While working on the treatment of corona virus, a double lung transplant was performed in a hospital in China where a person whose lung function was irreversibly damaged due to the corona virus. The hospital statement said that the transplant operation was successful.

The fight against the corona virus continues in different ways in China. A new piece of news shows that double lung transplantation was performed to survive a person whose lungs are irreversibly impaired by the corona virus. Lung transplantation can help patients survive in critical cases.

Chen Jingyu, the vice president of Wuxi People’s Hospital, a well-known expert in the field of lung transplantation, successfully performed the double lung transplant operation after five hours of operation with his team in Jiangsu province of East China.

Chen Jingyu, who made a statement to the Global Times, explained that the patient with a double lung transplant corona virus was stable after the operation and that the transplanted lungs were working properly.

The 59-year-old patient who underwent double lung transplantation was diagnosed with corona virus on January 26. After the patient was diagnosed, Endotracheal intubation and ECMO treatment was applied to keep the airways open. However, the patient’s lung function was severely impaired despite all treatment efforts.

Lung transplantation was decided for the patient whose lung functions were irreversibly impaired. Later, lungs from an organ donor with brain death were transported to Wuxi after a seven-hour high-speed train journey.

Double lung transplantation to the patient of Corona virus was successfully performed at Wuxi Public Hospital. Chen Jingyu, the leader of the transplant team, explained that after this point, the patient’s post-transplant observations will be made. The patient’s post-transplant observations will provide treatment experience in advanced corona virus cases.

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Chen Jingyu said there are certain conditions for the application of this treatment in advanced corona virus cases. Jingyu explained that the respiratory failure of the transplant patient is irreversible and that the other organs of the patient other than the lungs function normally. Jingyu stated that transplantation can be performed to patients with advanced corona virus.

“Such an operation is very risky,” said Chen Jingyu. Healthcare personnel must carry out the operation in protective clothing and in a negative pressure environment. This is a psychologically and physically challenging process. ”


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