Luke Skywalker Arrives With Yellow Lightsaber This May

Comic books published in the Star Wars series with the Marvel label focus on the events that followed the Empire Strikes Back series. In the coming months, we can see Luke Skywalker with a sword different from the usual lightsaber.

Star Wars is a huge brand. One of the most original series in the world was Star Wars, at least in terms of the establishment of the brand. Because the movies, books, games, etc. of the series were the main universe story unless stated otherwise. Darth Vader in the comic book and Darth Vader in the movie were the same person.

This situation came to an end when Disney bought Star Wars. The company collected old stories, which are now filled with holes that cannot be repaired. The stories of the new world find their place in Marvel comics.

Luke Skywalker with yellow ray sword
The comics now describe events that took place after the movie Empire Strikes Back. The series is written by Charles Soule, while Jesus Saiz draws. The duo received the iconic Jedi master this time with a yellow lightsaber.

According to the story, Luke Skywalker goes to Bespin to find his father’s missing sword. The planet we call Bespin is a huge cloud of gas, resembling Jupiter. Generally, there are colonies and they extract a material called Tibanna. There is also an imperial base in the area, so Luke’s job is not easy.

Does the yellow lightsaber have any meaning?
Many things have changed in the Star Wars universe. Therefore, our information may not always be correct. When it comes to lightsaber colors, all we know is that these colors are numerous.

According to one view, the lightsaber colors have no meaning, only Siths use red. The reason for this is that the Kyber crystals, which color the beam swords, appear in a single cave, and that cave is under the control of Jedi. “We use synthetic stone that we didn’t find real.” Dark Side, who could not feed himself, made up something like “wing the stone”.

Another view is that the beam swords take color according to their owners. Pablo Hidalgo of Lucasfilm says that the beam swords are colorless and colored according to their users. A bond must be established between Jedi and stone for color selection.

In these stories, Jaden Korr purified a lightsaber and turned the red sith lightsaber to yellow and took it as the third sword.

If we go with this logic, the story can become quite interesting. Because almost everyone knows who Luke’s father is. The discussion on yellow ray swords and lightsaber colors tells an interesting story.



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